Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Worn Out

As I write this I am soaking a bunch of stained hand-me-downs for Squidgee in the sink. It's the second time around in oxy-clean for the pjs but I just feel like a second-born kid gets enough crap without having to wear its stains. I feel so strongly about that that he has a couple new pajamas to add to his wardrobe and if the stains don't come out I will not feel in the least bit badly about throwing them out. Most of Spiff's old clothes have a lot of life in them yet. Having a second kid is one way to feel less badly about all the wasted money that goes into clothes that are so quickly out-grown. But I suppose a second kid should also get to call something his own. After all most of his toys, clothes, bedding and even parents are second-hand and (especially the parents.) a little worn out.

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