Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dirty Diaper

I am waiting for Spiff to decide he needs a diaper change. He stinks to high heaven but he doesn't care. I do, I can't even stand to be 5 feet away from him I don't know how he can stand to have his nose a mere 15 inches above the sewage factory that is his rear end. How can Spiff sniff that and not want a change?

I bought him size 5 diapers the other day. They should last a month. I told him I was hopeful this was the last box of diapers I ever buy for him. It's unrealistic so that is why I am not planning on it, merely hopeful. Size 5 is also the end of the diaper line. Next is pull-ups. Of course, this isn't incentive as he could probably be in size 5 until he IS 5, he's so small.

The DVD that was playing has ended and its menu song just keeps repeating. Still this is not incentive for him to get a diaper change. He wants to play. I told him I can't until he gets his diaper changed. I can't stand to smell him. Still this is not incentive to get a diaper change. I told him we can't go outside until he gets changed. Still this is not incentive to get a diaper change. I say he will miss Caillou because he won't get a diaper change--

Ah, results! Parenting at it's best, right here, folks.

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