Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Fraction

1/270th of their lives is all that newborn period is. While that first 3 months is so lousy with spit-up and diapers and severe sleep deprivation that one can hardly find the time to enjoy it, time is going by so quickly. It's almost not enough time to relish in the grasp of fingers coiling around your index finger, the small noses and toes, the first gazes of recognition- entirely loving and innocent. To know they know you and love you, pure and simple, completely unadulterated. Hopefully we have memorized the look and feel so we can recall it at will during the toddler and teenage years. Photographs do not do it justice but they can help.

1/270th of 90 years is 3 months.
1 year of infancy, of learning to move, eat, love, share, sleep, is only 1/90th of a full lifetime.
even the dreaded and dreadful toddler years are fleeting. 1/45th.

I am hoping I can take a moment here and there from the frustration of raising a 2 year old to recognize that he is becoming a master of negotiation and charm. I am hoping I don't miss too many firsts with my second. I am hoping I can find a few moments to cherish it all because it really is (deceptive though it is in its sense of eternity) all very fleeting.

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